Brand Identity — 2022

Lupta is a UK-based jewelery and visual consultancy company working in the creative field, based on the principles of uniquiness, authenticity, creative effectiveness and experience. The company seeks to solve the lack of inclusivity and diversity as much as sell theyre jowelery pieces, reaching an optimal balance between corporate business and authenticity, in order to meet and empower people.

The key feature of Lupta products/services is that they believe in the beauty in every form of being, since starting within this business model, they have helped several companies with advertising campaigns and empowered a wide variety of people through their unique jewelry.

Lupta's clients are, in general, modern companies focused on technological change that see the need to keep evolving in terms of diversity and inclusion.

The challenge here was to create a strong brand that speaks to the company's values, timeless and allows Lupta to position itself and land throughout Europe as an online alternative jewelry store and in visual consultancy in the area of ​​diversity and inclusion.

The brand, which is based on the values ​​of authority, diversity, creativity, authenticity, and especially people, seeks for the different, the new and modern. The new logo features the name, which represents your new face, your new identity.


Jewelry |  Creative and Visual Consultancy

SC - Brazil

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