Thorp is a new startup, from Montreal, focused on artificial intelligence and cloud computing services. They invest in the transformation of digital world, working to provide the best and most technological products. The word "Thorp" comes from torpedo, explosive device, in the form of a cylinder, equipped with its own propulsion and direction, in this case, for the future, exploding in innovation and new tools to make everyone's life easier.

The pictogram created was based on FP32, 32-bit floating point numbers, which is what most AI training uses. Single-precision floating-point format (sometimes called FP32 or float32) is a computer number format, usually occupying 32 bits in computer memory; the pictogram itself represents a wide dynamic range of numerical values by using a floating radix point. Combines with the square as a graphic, representing 4 as a multiple number (4, 8, 12, 26, 20, 24, 28, 32) and the number of corners for a square we gave life to our project, bringing the AI elements to the brand it self.

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